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Cross-Eyed released November 1st 2019. 
A fantasia dreamscape written while sampling op-shop classical vinyl records. 
Inspired by Joseph Campbell's "Hero's Journey", the albums protagonist has a transformative religious vision that unravels over the arc of the track list. Writing and creating the album was my attempt at expressing my own personal transformative experience with the discovery of psilocybe subaeruginosa growing in my neighbours front garden. Please note the above variety of mushrooms are not psilocybe subaeruginosa, those are in-fact Amanita muscaria.

Chevaunne Keleher
- Keyboards, tracks 01 and 02.
- Vocals, tracks 02, 04, 05, 07 and 10.

Eugénie Thompson
-Vocals, tracks 02 and 04.

Fabian Hunter
- Drums, tracks 01, 04 and 10.

Album cover by Eugénie Thompson


I Hear Angels Singing

Sometimes my brain feels like a mashed potato

And sometimes It feels like someones pouring gravy on me


Sometimes I I just sit and stare out my window

Look out to the sky, oh my, a satellite flying by


Sometimes my stomach hurts so much I cannot speak

I doesn’t make any sense to me, I haven’t eaten a thing all week


Sometimes I wish I had never been born

Was never big or small and nothing existed at all


For once in your life, do something right


You know sometimes I can hear my neighbours making love

It don’t mind me much, you know the old man doesn’t last that long


You know sometimes, I go days without a wink of sleep

here comes another sunrise, hear the people off on their daily grind.


For once in your life, do something right

For once in your life, take my advice


For once in your life

For once in your life for me

For once in your life

For once in your life for me

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