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Big Farmer released March 26th, 2021.
Written and conceived on a 6 month working holiday in Montreal, Canada. I was deep diving into Canadian singer-songwriters Joni Mitchell, Gordon Lightfoot and Neil Young. Spending my days in La Plateau looking out of the window at the snow, smoking an elusive strain of legal Canadian grass called 'Highlands'. Reading Jack Kerouac's'On The Road'. Guiding me to tap into a stream of conscious writing technique achieved by letting the words flow naturally. one continues chain and without inner critique, otherwise known as vomiting onto the page.
In 70's Canadian song-writer fashion the songs were tracked live to tape with the help of Fabian Hunter and Alexander Bleakley.


Fabian Hunter
- Drums, Engineer

Alexander Bleakley
- Bass

Chevaunne Keleher
-Keyboards, tracks 06, 07 and 10

Recorded at the Fish Bones Tone Shack, Northcote

Album Cover and press shots by Bridgette Winten


Pure Emotion

Pure emotion

Leaving me


Pure elation

Leaving me


What is this feeling that i’ve found

For so long i’ve kept it underground 

But now i’m going to let it all come out


Pure devotion 

Leaving me


now i’m going to let it all come out

now i’m going to let it all come out

now i’m going to let it all come out

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